Tuesday, January 20, 2004

It has now been so long since the last update it’s nearly comical. My apologies to all who have periodically checked and found nothing. Here goes with the new round of what is new:

I was accepted to the Pharmacology/Toxicology Ph.D. program last week. Excellent news. Most of the folks I work with were expecting this, but I don’t like to assume things before they are sure. Just have to write a letter to the department accepting the invitation and then I’ll be on track for Fall 2004 admission.

We had a phone meeting with a drug company for a collaboration we are working on. My role will be to examine whether unusual adverse drug reactions (caused by a particular family of antibiotics) that damage that liver can be modeled using pretreatment with bacterial membranes just prior/after drug administration. The lab I work in has showed this with Zantac (Ranitidine) and some other toxicants. I’m pretty excited to be working on that project.

Ellie and I are still looking at houses. We’ve seen several that we like, but have not managed to get the right price on them. There was one that we could have had for what we asked (they initially declined our bid, then accepted it later), but Ellie got cold feet on it and I came to agree with her, so we kept looking. Apparently we’re going out this Thursday to look at some more, but I’m getting pretty tired of looking at houses (I think we’ve been through ~10-15 and bid on two). –CMN


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