Monday, December 15, 2003

All apologies. I've been very lax as it comes to keeping an up-to-date blog. Many things have happened since my last post, most significant of which was probably my graduation from the Masters programs at MSU. 4 semesters and I finished an MS. Ellie organized a graduation party for me, which was wonderful. Lots of family members... and I still need to write thank-you notes.

I didn't have thank-you notes very high on my list because I still had exams last week. Finished the last of them on Thursday and worked a pretty good number of hours last week. Saturday I officiated a wrestling tournament at Holt High School. It ran quite smoothly, and I got out about 3:30, so it was a quick day as wrestling tourneys go.

Sunday AJ picked me up and we went to Ann Arbor to webcast the UofM vs. Eastern Michigan dual meet. UofM won, and we had computer problems so we couldn't broadcast the video, but we did manage to do about 1/2 the meet with just audio. I also went to Ellie's work holiday party last night. It was nice, and I think I got some nice photos of Ellie's coworkers (it was a little dark though, so I don't know how they will come out).

I started working full-time today at the Toxicology lab. I'm looking forward to it. Dr Roth told me that the grant that he wanted to use to hire me got funded, so that was good news as well.


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