Monday, November 17, 2003

Monday. Time for an update of this last weekend. Ellie and I went down to Hillsdale on Saturday to watch Rob play in his final football game. The Chargers won 35-19 over Mercyhurst. He had 13 tackles. There was one point early in the game that had us worried when he got up rather slow and limped over to the sideline, but he must have walked it off because he got back in the game. I'm very proud of him, but also melancholic as well. He came back for the fall just to play that last season and his injury kept him out for a good chunk of the season. I hope he finds a good graduate program and can really enjoy it.

Ellie informed me today she has finished most of the Christmas shopping. I was glad for that. I'm the kind who doesn't want to worry about the Christmas stuff until a week before. I still haven't decided what to get her yet.

I have my oral exams tommorow. I'm a bit nervous, but not terribly so. If I know it I do, if I don't then there isn't much that I can do about it at this point. I'm also waiting for one of my professors to mail in the letter of recommendation that I asked her to write. That will complete my application to the Pharm/Tox program.


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