Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I forgot to mention where Ellie and I went this past weekend. We were invited over the home of two of the professors I have been doing research for. It was fun to see them in a non-professional capacity, cheering on the Spartans (there was one group of UofM fans there, but it was quite civil and academic).

I got one exam back yesterday and took another. I scored mediocre again on a test (Nutrition & Chronic Disease), and I think the one I took last night was no better (Biochemistry). I'm going to need to do a better job of preparation for exams. I suppose reveiwing the notes one time is generally not enough. I've found if I make notes on the notes I think things go better. I think I'll start work on that for my next exam (Pharmacology... the exam that make up the largest portion of the class grade).

Ellie found a new housing development that is going up, with homes starting at 150k. I'm a little leery of jumping into a home purchase of that cost initially, but excited about the idea of owning (or should I say renting from the bank?) our own home. She keeps talking about Holt or Dimondale, which are both dirty suburbs of Lansing. I figure one might as well live in Lansing and be closer to work and be able to bike to school or ride the bus. Ellie keeps saying I don't like those places because the wrestlers are dirtbags (it's true they are dirtbags), but it's more the town I'm not interested in. Like I tried to imply above, if one wants to buy a house their it's generally because of lower cost than E.L., not lower than Lansing.

As soon as I say that someone is likely to talk about crime in Lansing. Let me say I'm unimpressed with that arguement. In E.L. since this summer there have been nearly 10 violent robberies. Our truck as been broken into in E.L.. The criminals know where people have money (E.L. and the suburbs), and they go to these places. That is just one part of the picture though. The other is more troubling. The State of MI budget is $900,000,000 over budget, and it appears likely that grants and revenue sharing that fund things like police officers and fire stations are going to take a cut (they took a cut last year that removed the MSU campus fire station from operation). Small suburbs depend on grants and revenue sharing more than cities like Lansing... so when the axe comes down the end result is less safety in the suburbs (this is an oversimplification, but I still think it valid). When it all boils down... I don't have that big a problem with Lansing.

I'm planning on taking the Ranger over to the Ford dealership. I've never been able to demonstrate the water leak to them because it takes several hours of continous rain for water to start to leak in (it's not through the window as I suspected, but though the fabric above the windows, which is more troubling). Anyway, since we've had British weather for the last 3 days the truck is soaking wet on the floor and bench seat and I can show the monkeys over at Campus Ford the problem. Man it's annoying! Not only that though, I'm concerned it could damage the truck. Agghhh! Que sera sera, si?


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