Monday, November 03, 2003

Had a nice weekend and previous week. My 25th birthday came and went Oct 29th. We went out to Mitchell's Fish Market the night before and enjoyed a great meal. Mitchell's is our favorite place in E.L. to go to eat, but not so good for budget eating.

I got a call from Rob on my birthday. I was so happy to hear from him. It's rare to be able to get Rob on the phone if you call him, much less receiving a call from him. He's back into the football games now. Mom told me he got in about 20 plays in a close game with Saginaw Valley State (who happened to be the team who upset Grand Valley State University, who hadn't lost a regular season game in something like 3 years).

Wednesday night we got to go get our cat, Midas. It seems that the urination issues that have been happening are related to the cat having stones in his urine that he has been trying to pass. Ouch! Apparently it will be a life-long issue for him unless with go through with a surgey, which I call Feline Gender Reassignment. It's expensive though (more than our rent for a month), so I don't think we will be going that route. We did switch the cat to a special diet that is supposed to help with the stones. We'll see how it goes.

So MSU lost to UofM. Excellent game to the end. MSU didn't play like they normally do on the defensive line, which I think speaks well to the strength of UofM's offensive line (I've heard some sports announcers call it the 2nd best in the nation right now). I think MSU could still go to one of the BCS games though if they can win their next games. Everyone is very excited about the team's performance under John L. Smith, and I'll say I'm impressed. Last season was so disappointing! I hope that things continue like this. I'd love to see MSU-UofM turn into a game like Miami-Florida State, but we're probably a long way from that.


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