Monday, November 24, 2003

Another weekend has passed, so it’s time for a regular update on the blog. The biggest news in the previous week is that I passed my oral exams, but I already posted about that. Dr Roth told me that the grant proposal he wrote was with the lawyers (I think at Abbott Labs, I believe that is the company with which the collaboration is on going), so he’s thinking the grant will get funded. The funding of the grant is important for me working full time.

On Sunday AJ (Cook) & Scott (Szcepanek) picked me up at home and we all drove to Ann Arbor to webcast some wrestling dual meets. University of Michigan, Central Michigan University, and Lehigh University were competing, with Lehigh defeating both UofM and CMU. It was a minor upset that Lehigh beat UofM, but they did so decisively, something like 24-12 if I recall correctly. We did commentary on the broadcast and updated stats on the web. I may have an opportunity to do it a few more times. AJ is hopeful it can turn into something bigger (like broadcasting other big dual meets, tournaments, things of that nature).

Saturday Ellie spent much of the day out with Janette while I stayed home. I did a load of laundry, watched the 4th quarter of the MSU v. Penn State football game (MSU was victorious 42-10). That should put them in a slightly better bowl, but not one of the big games. It’s too bad they had such a slide at the end of the season. Everyone around here is pretty happy with how they’ve done, and everyone also knew the true test would be toward the end of the season. Good job Spartans, and good luck in whatever bowl you compete in.


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