Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Finished my Biochemistry exam tonight. It was of medium-easy difficult. I totally blanked on one question though. We were given the amino acid sequence of a protein and had to figure out how many fragments chymotrypsin would make of it. Easy question... if one can remember at which amino acids chymotrypsin cleaves. I guessed, and I don't think I guess right. I'll probably look it up later.

I may sound like a pariah when I saw this, but the more I see Mac computers the more I like them. I don't play all the many games, and the good ones get ported over to Mac anyway. Blistering performance is just not necessary anymore. I think a good, integrated tool set is what most of us need, and I think Apple does a great job of that. So expensive though! Oh well. Guess I'll probably stick with PCs. :-)


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