Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Things are chugging along. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and get things done before the deadlines arrive. Case in point is my application to the Pharmacology/Toxicology program. I could wait and wait (deadline is not until April), but I want to get it done so I am more likely to be accepted.

Still don't have the scores back from the latest Pharmacology exam. Maybe we'll get them on Wednesday. I did get my homework back from my Biochemistry class, and I was disappointed. I got an 80%, and did quite well on all the questions except one. It was about Radioimmunoassay methodology (a research tool that isn't really used all that much any more since we now have colored reagents so one doesn't have to work with radioisotopes anymore). I interpreted the question in the reverse of what was true, so I got it totally wrong- result was no credit on that one... ouch! I'll just have to prepare better for the exam and look over the methods better.

Speaking of Biochemistry, the current teacher is not doing a very good job. Maybe I don't have as much background as some of the other students (since they are mostly Biochem graduate students and I'm a Human Nutrition student), but his expectation on our understanding of amino acid properties and the chemistry that they go through is a bit high. He doesn't explain the why or how any steps work, just things like "Add 6 molar urea to the solution, then hydrolyze the product postcolumn, which you can see from looking at this peak on the plot is a serine residue." HUH?

On a different note, it looks like Ellie and I will be going to go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play! They are coming here to little ol' East Lansing to play to the college kids at the Breslin Center (our basketball arena). The folks at Ellie's hotel had some extra tickets, so they offered them to us! I thought that was pretty cool. I wanted to go, but not bad enough to drop the money for the cost of tickets. Now it looks like we get to see them for free. Ellie saw Flea walking around and didn't recognize him as a rock star (but man, I bet the stuff would hit the fan if Dave Matthews strolled through for her). I'd be happy to shake one of their hand (the Chili Peppers that is) and thank them for the contribution they've made to music and art as a whole, but not act like a star-struck boob. At least I can hope I would be so non-chalant :-)


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