Monday, September 01, 2003

Breaking Scandal: UrineGate
Time for everyone to be brought up to speed on the scandal that is going on in the lives of Ellie and I. It all started about a month ago when Midas (our orange/white male tabby) urinated in the car on the way to Chuck & Chris' lake house. We thought no big deal, the cat just had an accident. We got back and have started to notice one of the cats (the perpetrator is unknown, but we have two good suspects) was urinating on the carpet in the apartment. This makes for a very unpleasant odor during the month of August!

So the carpets got peed on something like 5 times over the course of the last month, and Midas the cat has been to the vet twice (once to the emergency room and once for an office visit), and we still haven't nailed down the problem. We don't even know it is Midas for sure, it could be Marley (black/white female tabby). Whatever the case is, we've probably spent $60 on carpet cleaning supplies over this time period. Then to top it all off, Marley has an accident on the car ride home from the lake house late last night! Arrgghhh!

After we ruled out urinary tract blockages & infections, the best theories are currently:
-A former resident of our unit had a cat and now one of our cats is try to put their scent over the original.
-There is a wandering cat in our apartment complex that comes up to our windows and hisses at our cats (which can only quiver with impotent rage). This makes our cats want to mark our aparment as their territory.

I've decided this apartment is my territory, and the only solution is for me to urinate in every corner. Just kidding... that's likely to get me put on some kind of medication ;-) .

Additionally, Midas the cat has picked up the habit of waking people up by crying loudly at 4-5AM up at the lake house. I don't know about this, other than to say I think the solution is to lock them in the garage at night (Ellie thinks that's cruel). I think it's cruel to wake someone up at 4-5AM. I guess it's a draw then.

The latest weekend at the lake was great. I went out golfing with Chuck and Jarod (Downing, one of Ellie's friends from the Kraft intern days). I'm no good at golf, but I enjoy it and think with time and patientence I could get to a level where I can really enjoy playing. Saturday was partly cloudy, 74 degrees, and a slight breeze. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant day to be out golfing. Hopefully I can get my Dad to take me out and give me some instruction. It'd be nice to spend some time like that with him.


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