Thursday, September 11, 2003

Been more than a week since I posted anything, so it's really time I put a new post up. Hmmm.... lots of things have happened since the last time I posted. Ellie got a position with Marriott as an event planner. I think the exact title is "Banquet Manager," but she'll be doing weddings and meetings and banquets (of course)! She's pretty excited. I think it'll be a lot better for her than SOS was.

Interesting thing happened today. I haven't patched my computer in quite some time, so I know it's got some vulnerabilities. I'm a little more savvy than your average Outlook user (I don't open attachments that say "I love you.exe"). Anyway, I took down my firewall for 10 minutes while I was playing around.... and I got infected with the Blaster virus! Over dial-up no less! Arrgghhh! I knew it right away too when the RPC warning came up and said the computer had to emergency shutdown. So lesson learned: Don't take down the firewall, even on dial-up!

Speaking of dial-up, the unthinkable happened. Due to budget cuts, our cable service got downsized. No more high-speed internet or expanded basic cable. Saves us something like $65 a month! Man that stuff is expensive. Dial-up sucks though.... I forgot how bad. Takes a minute to get connected anytime I want to do anything online, so I check my email maybe once a day now. I can barely download anything from my MSU FTP space (working on a presentation, I like to keep it there for data redundancy). Downloading my email takes several minutes (on account of all the spam... I didn't realize how annoying spam could really be until now)!

Got a call from Pfizer regarding a "Territory Manager" position that I applied for. It's sales of course. I really don't think I applied to that job. I have never seen myself as a salesperson, always more of a researcher. Oi! It was rather funny when the recruiter asked me on the phone "So, what attracts you to sales?" Nothing. I'm not the money-worshipping fool that many (not all) of those salespeople are.

Presentation work continues. I also have a Pharmacology exam the eve before the presentation. Ouch. I tried to plan it so that wouldn't happen, but no such luck. Guess I'll need to have it all done this weekend. No late night work on it. I need practice time on it too, as it is in front of the Food Science & Human Nutrition department. I think that's enough typing for now. I really need to keep up with this blog, otherwise there is simply too much to write about when it's done once a week!


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