Friday, September 19, 2003

AGGGHHHHH! Lost a whole blog post because the stupid dial-up modem drops it's connection during the posting! I am getting to HATE dial-up. The slowness wouldn't be so bad... it's the constant connection drops! I can never stay connected for more than a 1/2 hour, and often it's less than 10 minutes! So irritating!

So I wrote previously about this crazy past week, where I had a 3 hour exam in Pharmacology on Monday night and a presentation in front of the Food Science & Human Nutrition department. Most everyone said I did a great presentation, so I was proud of that (though I think I would have been even better had I started a week earlier, but isn't that always the case). I don't know about the Pharm exam... we'll find out about the score in the coming week.

So lately Ellie has been on my case to find some part-time work, and I've been looking for a research postition. One of the professors in Pharmacology replied to me, and have showed interest in hiring me through December part-time, then possibly
full-time after that if things work out well. That's great news! Additionally, they do interesting research into the mechanism
of idiosyncratic drug response (that is, when a subject responds in a very unusual, unpredictable way to a drug). It would be
a great place for me to be if I'm interested in going into the Pharm industry, which I am. Sounds good, ya!

That's all for now. As always, more to come in the future.


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