Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Second day of school is done. I've been to all my classes at this point so the preliminary thoughts are these:
-Chronic Disease will be easier than Protein, Carbohydrate, and Lipid Metabolism (they were both taught by the same professor, Dr. Dale Romsos. He's my advisor)
-Methods of Macromolecular Synthesis should be interesting. We're going to learn about the techniques that are used in biochemistry and microbiology, but we won't actually get any practice doing them. I suppose I might be able to watch the flow cytometer if I asked nicely, but what good is that when people want you to have 3 years of experience running one, not 3 hours of watching someone run on? I guess it's better than nothing?
-Pharmcology and Physiology of Excitable Cells is likely to be my most informative and difficult class. It's basic neuroscience apparently.
-Seminar.... this is a presentation in front of the entire Food Science department. I plan to talk about Short-Chain Fatty Acids and prevention of colon cancer. Interesting? I think so. I'll be the first of all the students to present, beginning September 16th. I like going first though, so that wasn't an issue. I just need to get my butt in gear on the preparation!

I still haven't landed a campus job yet. I emailed the folks in charge of the tutoring positions, which I am keeping my fingers crossed for, but I still don't know how it's going to work out.

Another issue.... you can see this photo below, and that's cool, but I'm trying to build a photo gallery and host it on my MSU webspace. Funny thing is some of the photos appear and some do not. I've also got to put some captions in there so there is some frame of reference for them.... but there is a little bit of stuff there.


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