Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I've added a new link to the sidebar over there. I'm calling it Rants by Kris Engel. They make me laugh, so maybe you'll enjoy them. Then again one of my all-time favorite movies was "Mallrats," so maybe you'll just think I'm stupid :-)

Additionally, I was telling my Dad about this, so I might as well share with the rest of the folks out there. If you use Outlook and need some help controlling spam there are some good options out there.
-SpamNet, which is not free, but is probably the best execution of what a peer-to-peer network can do. Basically people vote on what they think is spam, then with enough votes the software automatically filters it out for you. It's pretty quick though, so most spam is immediately removed. Biggest drawback is people tend to be lazy and mark things as spam when they are not (emails from Moster.Com for example), so SpamNet also filters these.
-SpamBayes, my personal favorite as of today, is free! It takes a little while to get it working properly because you need to "train" it with good messages (called ham) and spam. Over time the filter gets good at recognizing that certain words or combinations of words occuring frequently in spam and in ham, and helps to filter them based of a probability that they are spam. It works very well for me, and has yet to turn up a false positive for me.
-For other options check out this article on
Most of those ones I haven't played with, since I found one that I like (SpamBayes). If you are not an Outlook users though you have a lot fewer options. To you I say Good Luck!


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